PCBAonline Capabilities

Advanced assembly capabilities driven by continuous capital investment and software innovation

After 6 rounds of investment(from Angle Round to B3 round), we have obtained an unmatched capability on
PCB Assembly Turnkey Service. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to accomplish 0201s, QFNs &
Micro BGAs assembly. Our goal is to build the best PCBA boards with a quick turnaround. We are
ISO9001:2015, AS9100D, and ISO13485:2016 certified.

  • Parts Sourcing

    • Top 5 electronics components platform in China, reliable One-Stop Supply Chain Supplier
    • Automatic standardization of the BOM
    • Weekly Market Analysis
    • Alternative Recommend, Risk Management, Strategic Stock
  • PCB Fabrication

    • normal Fr4, HDI, Rogers available
    • 2-48 layers,Impedance Control,Custom Stackup
    • Minimum 3mil trace width and space
    • 1-2 layers 24 hours quick turn, 4-6 layers 48 hours quick turn
  • Boards Assembly

    • 0201 components, QFNs and Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) available
    • 8 high-precision assembly lines including 2 selective soldering lines
    • Familiar with IC Program, Box Building and cable assembly services
    • Prototype Assembly 48 hours quick turn
  • Value-added Service

    • AOI Testing, Impedance Report of PCB bare boards
    • In-circuit testing(ICT), Functional Test, Aging Test
    • Conformal coating, ESD package

Our QMS Quality System

Professional and comprehensive service during the whole process

  • iqc

    Incoming Quality Control

    To ensure all the incoming materials have good

  • spi

    Solder Paste Inspection

    To ensure the right amount of solder is pasted for
    proper solder joints

  • aoi

    Online Automated Optical Inspection

    To perform visual inspections of printed circuit
    boards (PCBs) in extremely fine detail to ensure
    the high quality of PCBs

  • fai

    First-Article Inspection

    To ensure the manufacturing is delivering the
    products that meet specifications and ensure

  • ipqc

    In-Process Quality Control

    To enforce the flow of manufacturing and
    packaging operations according to the
    established rules and practices.

  • aoi

    Offline Automated Optical Inspection

    To ensure the components are rightly and properly
    positioned on the printed circuit boards

  • x-ray

    X-Ray Inspection

    To inspect the hidden features of target objects or
    products to ensure high quality of SMT assembly

  • qc

    Quality Control

    To check the quality of finished products according
    to IPC-A-610 standard to guarantee 99.98% of
    finished products with high quality

  • qa

    Quality Assurance

    To ensure the finished products have nice quality
    and packaging before shipment.


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