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Supply Chain

Strongly supported by Allchip.com(The Top 5 electronic components platform in China)To complete one BOM sourcing, it may need 3 employees’ 4-5 working days, or even more. With a 100+ experienced purchasers team and over 3000 original manufacturers, agents, and trusted distribution partners, PCBAonline is confident to source all the parts needed for your projects based on your schedule. We guarantee original and new parts only. Also, alternatives suggestion and obsolete risks will be provided to you as soon as you submit your projects to us.

What Problems facing in supply
chain of PCBA projects?

  • More than 3 suppliers need for: PCB,
    Components and Assembly
  • Hard to find components in shortage
  • Engineers BOM ≠ Purchasing BOM
  • Do not have enough energy for BOM sourcing
  • High risky to buy counterfeit and inferior products
  • MOQ Limited especially for Prototypes
Intelligent and Flexible Supply Chain Management

Intelligent and Flexible Supply Chain Management

Not only cooperating deeply with our long-term partners(Like TI, Microchip, Digikey, Mouser..), but also equipped with our Smart BOM system,which contains more than 10 million SKU, 45 million components data, Pcbaonline can provide you with an Intelligent Supply Chain Management Service from prototype to mass production stages.

PCBAonline helps customers to identify and resolve supply risks in the early stage. Through our software-driven platform and electronic components’ big data, we can quickly provide alternatives suggestion, cost-calculation and risk management of discontinued parts. In addition, we help you to get your production quantities without supply chain constraints.

Work with PCBAonline to establish a flexible and intelligent supply chain from prototype to production.

PCBAonline’s Advantages

  • Intelligent Analysis

    • BOM automatically analysis
    • Early Warning of discontinued parts
    • stage from prototype to production
  • Software-Driven

    • Big-data technology on electronic parts area
    • Continuous spot market monitoring
  • Strong Sourcing Power

    • Ability to negotiate with authorized agents
    • Abundant long-term qualified suppliers
    • Traceable system ensures quality
  • Dedicated Purchasers Team

    • 100+ professional purchasers team
    • handle complicated BOMs from multiple suppliers


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